Monday, February 24, 2014

The New UCC Profile Process Part 6: Worksheet is a welcome new tool!

Since the roll out of the new Profile Process on January 31 I have been drafting and re-drafting my answers to the various questions in order to present a well-rounded and accurate picture of my assets as an ordained UCC Minister. In order to make my work easier, I cut and pasted one of the two sample Profiles on the UCC website and removed the information about the fictional clergy person in the sample. Now the UCC website has provided a word document (they're calling it a "worksheet") that includes all the information about the questions on the Profile. This makes it easy for folks who prefer to create initial drafts that can be cut and pasted into the online form. The link to the word document can be found on the page devoted to Profiles on the UCC website. Many thanks to the MESA staff at the national UCC office for making this worksheet available!
Note: This is the sixth installment of a multi-part series of posts about the new UCC Profile Process.
Find Part 1, which provides a review and overview of the process here, and Part 2, in which I discuss my strategy for providing web links, here.  Part 3, in which I discuss potential pitfalls in providing web links on a Profile, is here. Part 4, in which I discuss a strategy for making yourself attractive to churches, is here. Part 5, in which I talk about creating a snapshot available to conference staff that can be updated in real time, is here.

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