Friday, January 31, 2014

The New UCC Profile Process Part 5: My Snapshot's ready!

This morning I went to the UCC website and registered to receive a password to begin my new Profile. As I explained in the first part of this series, a minister with a current Profile does not need to complete an entirely new Profile until the criminal background check is about to expire, but it is to a job seeker's advantage to register with the process now and complete a "snapshot." The snapshot is a short summary of your skills and experience visible to Conference staff, and can be updated at any time.

I filled out a very simple form that sent me a confirming email. Shortly later I received an email with an initializing password. I copied the password, followed the link provided in that email to the website and pasted in the password but it didn't work. I guessed that it was because I had copied the period at the end of password. I removed the period and tried again. Success! I was in!

I had to read through and accept some terms and conditions. The terms and conditions were short and easy to understand, and I"m glad I read them carefully--otherwise I might have violated them in the process of blogging about my experience completing the Profile.

The actual snapshot took me less than an hour to complete. After I finished it I got up and had some more thoughts and revised it just a teeny bit. It was just that easy. My understanding is that Conference staff can log in and see this snapshot even as I type this.
Note: This is the fifth installment of a multi-part series of posts about the new UCC Profile Process.
Find Part 1, which provides a review and overview of the process here, and Part 2, in which I discuss my strategy for providing web links, here.  Part 3, in which I discuss potential pitfalls in providing web links on a Profile, is here. Part 4, in which I discuss a strategy for making yourself attractive to churches, is here.
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