Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do Pastors Need an Elevator Speech?

The "Elevator Speech" has entered the common lexicon in the last few years. If you haven't heard this term, basically it is a short verbal summary about who you are and what you do that you should be able to rattle off at a moment's notice, for the purposes of career networking.  It's called an Elevator Speech because it is supposed to be short enough to get through in the length of an average elevator ride.

Do Pastors need an elevator speech? After all, most people know what Pastor's do--more or less, and how much knowledge can you impart about your work in 20 or 30 seconds?

I would argue that all Pastors, not just those looking for work, should master the following 20-30 second speeches:

What a Pastor is/does
Why I became a Pastor
Why I am a Pastor
What it means to be a Christian
What a church is/does
An invitation to your church

I realize that most of us are more comfortable talking in longer blocks--like, 20 minutes or so. But studies show that we have to grab the attention of our audience, no matter how big or small, within the first 30 seconds of talking anyway, so at minimum it makes a great exercise.
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