Tuesday, October 22, 2013


As my search for a settled position continues and rejections pile up, I'm spending some quality time on self-improvement. On the one hand, it's not an easy time to seek self-improvement, as a job search involves putting yourself out there in a way that feels personal. Self-improvement efforts tend to make just about everyone feel vulnerable, and self-improvement often involves finding, facing and seeking to shore up weaknesses. 

On the other hand, even if you are fully employed during your job search time, if your search seems to be dragging on, it is important to ask and answer the question, "Is it me?" It could just be that you need to tweak the way you present yourself a little bit, in order to make yourself seem more interesting and appealing to people who don't know you and are probably in a hurry to reject as many candidates as they can just to make their own job as members of a search committee a little bit more manageable. I know some successful pastors that experienced trouble getting their current job, and I also know pastors who got a job quickly and did not last long. 

If I had a formula for finding the right job just when you need to and keeping it forever, I'd freely share it. Part of getting into a job that is a great fit involves self-knowledge. Kate Matsudaira on the website Popforms suggests that a good way to increase useful self-knowledge involves asking others for feedback.

Send an email asking for insights into your strengths. Send it to one friend or peer this week. And try it again with someone new next week! And again!

Follow the link above for a suggested sample email format that includes questions, plus an extended explanation of why this technique is valuable.

In the meantime, I'm going to try it myself and report back....

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